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“We can’t thank you enough for your tenacity in helping us get this deal done.  You are a consummate professional and we were incredibly fortunate to have you represent us.  All the best Beau!”

– Kelly Billingsley

“Thank you!  It got a bit hairy near the end but the outcome was much better than I  hoped for. You got me 35% more than I expected!  Good job.”

– Dave Thomas


“Commission dollars well spent!  Beau did a great job with the sale of our downtown office building.  It was a tough deal but he hung in there and overcame obstacle after obstacle.  Highly recommend.”

– Paul Elcano


“Great negotiator who saved us a lot of stress and time.  Creative…hard working…finds a way to get the job done. Beau is the best.”

– Marco Anderson


“Beau is total rock star!”

– Chad Richter


“Restaurants are hard to sell but Beau found a way to get it done.  He walked us through every step of the process.  He made the best of a difficult situation for us.  We’re excited to move on.”

– Mark Powell


“Beau knows the market.  He closed a great deal for us. It wasn’t easy but Beau found a way to get it done.”

– Chad Alexander


“Thank you for your help.  We knew it was going to be a difficult sale but you came through for us.  We’re excited to finally retire.”

– Rolf Emert


“Thank you for your hard work.  It feels great to move on.  We couldn’t have done it without you.”

– Clem Hinterstocker


“It wasn’t easy but you closed the deal.  We’re relieved.  Thank you for everything you’ve done.”

– Claire Bichler


“Thank you so much for all your great work.  In my mind, it’s a absolute miracle that my property sold at that price in the time it took.  You were the miracle worker!! Please use me as a reference anytime.  I would love to help you out.  THANK YOU!!”

– Rick Zimmerman


“Couldn’t be happier.  When choosing a commercial real estate broker…bigger isn’t better.  Beau and his team only list properties they know they can sell which allows them to invest 5x the industry average in outbound marketing – and it works.  It certainly worked for me.”

– Steve Miller


“My vacant industrial property had been on the market two years without a buyer.  Then Beau brought us a deal but it fell through when the buyer couldn’t get financing.  Then a pipe burst and flooded the building during the peak of winter.  Beau and his team stuck with me and eventually got the property sold for the price I wanted.”

– Robert Feutz


“You did a great job.  It was a tough deal but you hung in there and got it done.  Very happy.”

– Jack Woolley


“Beau sold our family’s retail strip center for a price we’re happy with.  There were challenges to overcome but he closed the deal.”

– Jim Magnus


“It was a pleasure to work with you.  You were easy to work with and made a very complicated deal go smoothly.”

– Jeffrey Henzig


“Great job.  Will work with again.”

– Chad Whichard


“We just popped open a bottle of Champagne!  Beau and his team did a great job.  It was a tough deal but they got it done and we couldn’t be happier.”

– Dennis Zabinski


“Beau and his team really stepped up and came through for us.  It took a lot of hard work but they ultimately found a buyer and I’m confident we sold for a great price.  Highly recommend.”

– James Billy


“Beau sold our resort for a price I’m happy with.  Other brokers told us the price wouldn’t be possible!  Beau got the job done and was easy to work with.  Highly recommend.”

– Judith Salzwedel


“We struggled to sell our Self Storage Facility for over two years.  We hired Beau and he had an accepted offer in 3 weeks. I still can’t believe it.  His performance speaks for itself.  I don’t know why you would ever hire anyone else.”

– Kevin Krauss


“I’m very thankful for the great job Beau and his team did selling my property.  It was a challenging property but in the end Beau did exactly what he said he would – he brought me a buyer at the price we planned.  I’m truly grateful and I will recommend him every chance I get.”

– Tony Scorsone


“There were difficult obstacles to overcome with selling our building.  Beau and his team did a great job overcoming those challenges and in the end they negotiated a creative solution which allowed us to get the property sold.  Very satisfied and highly recommend.”

– Peter Brunner


“Beau and his team did an AWESOME job selling my office building.  Couldn’t be happier.”

– Dr. David Schlaack


“We wouldn’t use anyone else.  Beau and his team are the best.”

– Marco Anderson


“I hired Beau to sell a Class A office building that was never fully built out.  It was a challenging deal with an asking price that couldn’t be supported by the property cash flow.  I hired other brokers before who failed.  Beau got the job done for a price my partner and I were happy with.”

– David Pautz


“Beau and his team did a great job selling my office building.  There were no shortage of obstacles to overcome but we made it to closing together. I’m happy with the service I received and I will definitely recommend Beau to other commercial property owners.”

– Jon Wojciechowski


“Beau and his team did an excellent job selling my retail strip center.  We’d listed it with other brokers previously but no one could get the deal done – except Beau.  I highly recommend Beau to anyone considering selling their property. He will get you top market value for your property and make the process painless.”

– Ronald Krauss


“My experience with Beau and his team was excellent.  My industrial property was listed for sale with a different broker before I met Beau with no success at all.  Beau and his team brought me not one – but two offers both of which I was able to accept.  We later closed a very difficult deal at a sale price I am happy with.  Beau found a way to make things happen.”

– Steven Holtan


“I’ve worked with Beau for over 10 years now.  The toughest sale was a 350,000 SF office building that needed work.  We’ve overcome a lot of obstacles together and I’m happy to recommend him.”

– Tim Farrell


“You won’t find a better real estate broker.  If you want to receive a top of the market price for your property – then the choice is obvious because Beau and his team will make you more money.”

– Dr. Paul Elcano


“Beau and his team made the process smooth. They are very professional. I couldn’t be any happier.”

– Carl Trent


“We use Beau for the sales of our commercial property portfolio.  We’ve always been impressed with his performance and we’d definitely recommend his services to other commercial and multifamily owners.  Beau and his team are easy to work with and they get results.”

– Jeff Justin


“We listed our industrial property with other brokers previously – with no success at all. Beau and his team then offered the property on their auction platform and we had multiple offers within the first 3 weeks!  It was unbelievable.  We accepted a full price offer and the rest is history.  The results speak for themselves.”

– Jamie Czajka


“Beau did a great job selling my car dealership.  It was a difficult market.  We also knew the next buyer probably wasn’t going to use the property for a dealership with made the sale a challenge.  And of course we had a crazy buyer to navigate.  Nevertheless, Beau and his team got creative and got the property sold.”

– Steven Boehmer


“Beau and his team sold several multifamily and office properties for me.  The transition from previous management to Beau and his team was seamless.  I would highly recommend Beau and his team for the management and sale of distressed and non-distressed real estate.”

– Dan Brandt


“I’m very relieved to have sold my industrial property.  Beau and his team did a great job. The marketing period was fast and the closing was smooth.  Highly recommend.”

– Fidel Rodriguez


“Beau and his brokerage team are the best in the business. They are very easy to work with. We were so satisfied that we’ve signed up to have Beau and his team continue to represent us in future transactions. I highly recommend them to any serious seller of commercial real estate.”

– Chad Alexander


“We were able to buy a very well located property out of foreclosure. Beau and his team brought us the deal and we couldn’t refuse.  There were issues during due diligence but Beau made sure we were treated right.”

– Joel Konicek


“My business was in desperate need of a new location.  Beau brought us a fixer upper that made a lot of financial sense.  Now we’re in a good position.  Highly recommend.”

– Craig Clements


“I called on Beau and his team to sell a very difficult asset we foreclosed on.  The property’s roof was gone, animals were living inside, the former owner refused to move out and it had environmental issues.  I feared the property would be nearly impossible to sell.  To my surprise, Beau and his team quickly found a buyer who closed without issue.  It was a miracle.”

– Michele Whiteside


“I hired Beau and his team to sell my large apartment complex.  The property had its issues and the location wasn’t ideal – but Beau brought me a very solid offer and we closed the deal.  Just in time too – the roof collapsed shortly thereafter.”

– Tom Kite


“We tried to sell our industrial building before with no luck.  We didn’t even really get buyers in the door for a tour. Then we hired Beau who suggested a very different marketing strategy.  We agreed to seller finance the sale and we closed shortly thereafter.  It really worked out well.”

– Dave Nadolski


“Beau brought me an opportunity to purchase a well located industrial property that was perfect for my growing business.  We hammered out the details and we were up and running a few weeks later.  It really worked out well for everyone involved.

– Andy Song


“I was responsible for a number of properties that BMO Harris foreclosed on over the years.  Beau was always my first call.  His company would provide both brokerage and property management services which was really convenient.  No matter how difficult the property or the neighborhood – he always found a way to get it done!”

– Doug Reiske


“We hired Beau to sell a property we had trouble selling previously.  He suggested a very smart marketing strategy that worked.  We were in contract fast and for the price we expected.  It really was a great experience.”

– Greg Reistad


“We had a tremendously difficult property to sell.  It was a former nursing home with a deed restriction that it could never be a nursing home again.  The property hadn’t even been cleaned out.  There was abandoned furniture and trash everywhere.  We even had water in the basement after a hard rain.  We had already hired other brokers and they failed.  Beau and his team found a way to get it done and for the price we expected.”

– Larry Parker


“I was able to get a fair price on a property with a lot of potential.  Beau was all business.  We closed on the purchase fast and without hassle.  I wish every deal was as easy.”

– John Barnes


“I was able to purchase a retail property very near my business for a fair price.  The process was easy and the closing smooth.  We hired Beau’s company to provide leasing services after closing as well.”

– Khalid Ahmad


“We approached Beau and his team about selling a property we had owned for a long time.  It was located in a very tough market and the building needed work.  Beau arranged for the workers to prep the building for sale which included removal of the standing water in the basement.  Once the work was completed we took it to market but we still had little demand.  Beau suggested a creative solution which worked.  We closed a few weeks later.  We are very relieved.”

– Jay Impson


“Beau and his team brought me a property that made a lot of sense for my growing business.  The location was ok and the price was fair.  We closed shortly thereafter.  The process from start to finish with simple.”

– Abdul Motlani


“I listed my retail strip center with Beau and his team.  It was a beautiful property but the location didn’t make sense at all.  Beau determined that traditional financing would probably be very difficult.  He proposed a creative financing framework that worked.  We closed a few months later.”

– Rory Oppenheimer


“Beau and his team sold our investors group a beautiful strip center.  He provided us with all the information we needed and then guided us to closing.  He was very professional and helpful.  It was a great experience.”

– Mohsen Mousavi


“I hired Beau to sell a challenging office building.  Demand was weak but Beau eventually figured it out and got the property sold.  I am happy to move on.”

– Robert Coplien


“I couldn’t be happier.  There were a lot of challenges to overcome but we got through them and closed the deal.  Beau knows I’ll recommend him every chance I get.”

– Jeremy Dewitt


“I couldn’t have done it without Beau. It was a long, stressful process but we got the deal closed for the price I wanted. The process was much more complicated than I imagined it would be but Beau led me through it and I’m happy to finally retire.”

– Lorenzo Perez


“We hired a different broker before hiring Beau and they had no success. Once Beau got involved, he brought a whole different level of professionalism. We had multiple offers shortly thereafter and we closed the deal at a price I’m happy with. He found a creative solution for a difficult property.”

– Randy Beach


“I couldn’t believe it. Beau brought me a nearly full price offer within weeks of listing my property. The deal closed without issue. It could not have gone any better.”

– Michael Kennedy


“We had never sold a commercial property before so we needed someone we could trust to lead us through the process. Beau was great. When the first deal fell through due to a flood zone issue, he stayed focused and found a solution. We closed the deal with a different buyer and we are happy.”

– Yilun Wang & Lihua Sheng

“This is the second property I listed with Beau. I told him I wanted an aggressive price and, to my surprise, he went out and got it for me in a matter of weeks. I will definitely work with Beau the next time I have a commercial property to sell.”

– Michael Kennedy


“I hired Beau to sell a very difficult office building that multiple brokers before him tried and failed to sell. It wasn’t easy and it took longer than we both would have liked but we closed the deal. I am happy to move on from the property.

Thank you. You are one of a kind and I owe you an expensive lunch or dinner when I return to town. Thanks again.”

– Victor Ogbuehi


“We hired Beau to sell a mostly vacant strip center in a small rural community. He was honest about how difficult it would be because of the rural location. Nonetheless, he put together an impressive marketing campaign and the rest is history. We’re very happy to move on.”

– Mary Peterson


“I want to thank you for all your hard work, dedication and your ability to get things done. When we first met, you told me this sale would be a 9 out of 10 on a difficulty scale. I don’t believe another firm could have pulled this off. Great job and I will always recommend you. Thanks my friend!”

– Greg Holland