Beau is a battle-tested Commercial Real Estate Broker, entrepreneur, author and adoring father of four.

His clients appreciate his no-nonsense demeanor and his legendary work ethic.

Beau leads Beachwood which is an elite commercial real estate brokerage for sellers in the Southeast.

He’s earned the revered “CCIM” designation which is awarded to the top 6% of all commercial real estate brokers.

Beau is an Iowa Hawkeye and also holds an MBA from the Sam Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.

Beau’s philanthropic life mission is to Teach Children Life Lessons Through Sports.

For that reason, he founded Beachwood Sports Club, a 501c3 charity which makes charitable gifts, creates and distributes children’s books, and produces a podcast for children in fatherless homes.

Beau’s children’s book, The Little Boy Who Always Got Back Up is a story of building a resilient child through sports.

Beau hosts Think For Yourself Park, the podcast which offers young listeners a “Dad’s life lessons worth sharing.”  Perfect for anyone who needs more Dad in their life.

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