90 Day Listing Agreement

You don’t want locked into a 6 month contract.  You demand that your broker work with a sense of urgency.  We get it.  Our 90 Day Listing Agreement ensures that we work hard and fast to get your property sold for the absolute highest price the market will pay.

Even better, our Listing Agreement is written in simple language and fits on the front and back of one sheet of paper.

Weekly Update Guarantee

The #1 complaint about brokers is lack of communication.  Sellers don’t want to track down their broker just to get an update.  We’ve solved that problem with our once-per-week automatic seller updates, we guarantee it.

We spend 5x more to market directly to likely buyers

The dirty truth is the average broker only spends the bare minimum to market your property to potential buyers.  That’s where our competitive advantage begins.

We don’t wait for buyers to come to us.  We go directly to them by spending 5x the industry average on outbound property marketing, powered by the most effective marketing system in the industry.

Our Direct-to-Likely-Buyer Marketing System combines our local market expertise, comprehensive research, state-of-the-art technology and connections with local, out-of-state and international buyers.

Our proprietary marketing system puts your property directly in front of the people most likely to buy it.

Fair, no haggle commissions

All of our clients pay the same commission.  Never more, never less, always fair.

And our commissions are often lower than our competitors.  See our commissions.

We focus exclusively on sellers

We’re the only commercial brokerage that’s laser-focused on sellers.  By specializing in sellers exclusively, we get your property unparalleled attention in the marketplace.

We own the marketing channels that work

That means we have our own video studio.  We own a direct mail fulfillment facility.  We get attention in a distracted world.

We’re a modern, technology-enhanced brokerage.  Your property will have its own website, video tour, landing pages, aerial video, custom maps, video commentary and more.

1031 Exchange Buyers Direct

Buyers who are completing a 1031 Exchange are the most motivated, least price sensitive buyers in the market.  That’s why we track every accepted offer and closed sale.  We know who these potential buyers are and we have the tools to offer them your property directly.

Private, confidential listings

In rare cases a seller may want their property marketed confidentially without the general public knowing.  That means the property isn’t listed in any online portal.  We’re uniquely capable of performing in this challenging scenario because of the strength of our Direct-to-Likely-Buyer Marketing System.  We don’t need buyers to come to us, we go to them.

We make a charitable donation in your name

Our charity’s mission is to teach young children life lessons through sports.  We donate $500 from every completed sale to our youth charity.  You get the write-off.



Laser-focused on the Southeast, Beachwood is an elite commercial real estate brokerage for sellers.

Our typical clients are business owners and investors who are selling commercial properties valued between $1,000,000 and $10,000,000

Coverage area:  Tennessee, Florida, Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi.

Property types: Apartments, Industrial, Retail, Office, Hospitality, Storage, Land

Headquartered in Nashville, we’re a family business with a charitable mission.